CTO startup job description vacancy Job openeing: Full-stack developer


Nice to meet you.

We are looking for an allround developer to join our company.

It’s not ‘just another job’. We’re looking for someone with a couple of years experience under his or her belt and who yearns to make more impact with every line of code. And if it matches your ambition, there is the opportunity to build your leadership skills and grow towards the position of CTO.

Sounds like you? Read on! Please find at the bottom of this page how to get in touch.

About HelloElla

So, why are we in travel?

The travel industry offers a huge opportunity to change the traditional process of how travel companies support people in finding and booking their trips. Consumers expect personalized experiences with instant results. However, at the moment making choices in trip planning is either time consuming and stressful, or slow and inefficient, both for consumers and for travel companies. Let’s change this!

What we do:

HelloElla is changing the way people receive travel advice from trusted brands. We provide a B2B Saas solution that combines conversational AI and sales automation and data processing to make travel advice smart and scalable.

What’s different from other parties who provide software in this space, is that we offer a plug & play solution, meaning that everything is fully configured and ready to use or any travel company without having to build, train or create the processes yourself.

What technical challenges lie ahead?

In short: plenty. To give you some examples:

  • Develop data models to provide a fully dynamic conversation in the online intake that adapts seamlessly to behavior and consumer profile.
  • Bring NLP into the conversation to improve the conversational experience.
  • Further build the client management portal and develop features to help clients manage our solution easily.
  • Build a system that selects the best matching package trips based on customer intake data.
  • Set up a savvy system for automated testing.
  • Develop new features that improve consumer experience.
  • Build API’s to connect with relevant software in the ecosystem.

We’d love to discuss more of this with you.

A few key points to outline where we are

  • Physically we are based in Amsterdam :), right in the center the Rembrandtplein.
  • HelloElla was founded in 2020 (as part of the Travel Impact Accelerator program, we pivoted from a B2C travel platform)
  • We have commercial traction and paying clients in 5 countries (EU). International growth is key on our agenda.
  • We’re backed by investors in the travel industry a.o. Transavia Airlines.

What profile would be a good fit?

  • Fullstack developer. Experience with a.o. PHP, Java, Javascript, development frameworks and cloud solutions such as AWS and/or Google.
  • You are keen to work somewhere where the impact of your work is immediately visible.
  • You have a pragmatic approach when it comes to developing: meaning if it is not necessary to code something from scratch, you know how to use existing solutions and low code applications to get something to work.
  • The way we work is that we sell something, we build a quick first version, we test it, we improve, we test some more, we improve some more etc. This way of working resonates with you (in other words: if you are more of a person who prefers things to be really shiny and perfect before setting it loose into the world, then this is not the right place for you).
  • We don’t need to explain scrum methods to you.
  • Stellar FSO skills (FSO = Figure Shit Out. Haven’t done something before? You dive into it, educate yourself and figure it out).
  • You are fluent in English.
  • We support remote working, therefore it doesn’t matter where you live. We do need you to be able to travel once in a while to join the team in person.

More about your role:

  • Focus on development of new platform features (a.o. bring parts of the solution from rule-based to AI, automations, client management portal V2), platform management (ensuring everything works smoothly for our clients) and things like setting up a great testing system.
  • Management of a small team of 1-2 freelance/external developers
  • Set quarterly technical roadmap and translate to OKR’s
  • Opportunity to grow towards CTO role (leadership, growth and management of inhouse development team, development of long term vision and road map, management of total IT infrastructure, put HelloElla on the map of the right technical ecosystems etc.).

Who else is on the team?

HelloElla is founded by Nick Wevers and Valborg Korthals Altes. Nick is taking on the technical part and is responsible for product and customer success. Valborg is responsible for everything commercial, investors and knows a lot about conversational design.

Others on the team include Tavi Kurda, our junior product developer and Hanna Trommels – our marketing intern. Also, Fabian Becker recently joined as our Sales Support.

Are you ready to take that next step in your career and build something to make your mark?

Let’s talk!

Drop us a line at valborg[at]helloella.io with your CV, a short intro of yourself and why you decided to reach out – and we’ll set up a first chat.